LinkedIn X-ray Search Tool

Welcome to the Recruitment Geek LinkedIn X-ray Search Tool (I know, catchy name isn’t it?)

LinkedIn Xray CSE

This is a free tool that I have built. It is a pre-defined Google Search that has the main bulk of a boolean search already built in.

The search tool will only look at Profiles on LinkedIn (Handy right?). It has also been pre-defined with removing annoying keywords like Jobs and Recruitment/Recruiter to give you a better chance of finding that “Java Developer” rather than that recruitment consultant that is advertising a “Java Developer Job”.

All you have to do is write your Skills into the search box and click search. (Yes it is that simple, but if you are not too sure on best practice of searching Google for skills then read this article)

Once you have your results page you will notice that there are tabs along the top. These are country based filters. You can select one and it will filter the results by the profiles that are in that location. (e.g. a British LinkedIn profile is, German is, etc.)

If you are used to searching LinkedIn then this is another way of searching for all the criteria, but also enables you to see full names of 3rd degree connections and further.

Hope it is of use to you. You can find it by selecting it under “Recruitment Tools” in the navigation bar above. Or simply click this link.