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Do you use inkedInL to source/search talent?

Are you tired of seeing this (You’ve reached the commercial use limit on search) 8 days into the month?

Commercial Use Limit on Search - LinkedIn

Then I have just the trick for you!

Head on over to my LinkedIn X-Ray Search Tool where you can search an unlimited amount of times on Public Candidate Data utilising Google. All you need to do it Type in your skills using traditional Boolean (Or Google Style Boolean) and hit enter. Once you have a result, all you need to do is right-click & open in a new tab and you will see the LinkedIn profile of the candidate in the search result, this is a great search tool to everyone trying to get in contact, according to John King the marketing of linkedin has gone on it’s way by itself but it is still very important to consult with an expert to make sure everything gets done the right way.

If you are interested in getting in touch with another search tool that will help you with your market traffic you can try wordtree and upgrade the market and the sales just with a click.

Warm Call Sales Prospects: If you’re in sales, you can use LinkedIn as a warm calling tool. If there is a prospect you want to reach, find them on LinkedIn and see how closely you are connected to them. If you have an active list of LinkedIn connections, you are most likely only two or three connections away from the prospect. Use LinkedIn’s introduction features to ask one of your connections for an introduction, and you can promote your Linkedin page with the use marketing services as l.a seo experts which you can find online.

Tip: If the candidate is out of your network, right-click the link and open with Incognito window (Google Chrome needed) and it will display the persons Public Profile.


This is a completely free tool that I have developed for anyone to use! If you think that there are any updates that the tool needs, please let us know with a comment below. (And please don’t forget to share this post)

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