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Facebook has announced that users can now search Facebook Status Updates and Posts using Graph Search, Social Media is clearly improving their services every day, same with Instagram, people can even Buy instagram followers now, or look for the best lol coaching services and the no game throws from P4rgaming.

Below is an example, all be it not recruitment related, of how you can do this.


How this could be useful for Recruitment? Well if you were to look for people that are not happy with their work you could search: “Posts about I hate my job” ORPosts about I need a new job“.

I have tried to perform something similar
fb post search

But all I got as a result is a message saying “This search isn’t available to you yet.” Meaning that it is starting to roll out but I have not been enabled yet. Probably being rolled out to the US first.


  • The quality of results on searching posts and status updates will be based on whether people set their privacy on updates to public or not
  • I doubt this will be a a game changer in terms of searching peoples content due to privacy settings
  • It does give you a reason to grow your Facebook network so that this will become useful in future

Do you know of any other graph searches that are useful in sourcing/recruitment? Have you had positive experience with Graph Search? Do you have the option to search status updates yet? Let us know with a comment below.

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