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I recently saw a video posted by Viveka von Rosen that gave us an overview of the possible upcoming UI change to LinkedIn. In my eyes, with very little talk about it on the internet, I believe this is LinkedIn testing this out on very few people at present.

What I do believe is that this interface, as much as it has lost links to some pretty utilised parts of the service, is a step in the right direction in terms of getting away from the cluttered navigation menu that we have grown accustom to with LI. The UI design, seen in that video below, is pretty much on par with the new Facebook Timeline / Graph Search being rolled out at present. Following the Windows 8 release last year and with more and more touch screen devices arriving every day, I do believe that this is the only direction the social networks can go before the Mobile platform takes over completely.

Here is that video:


Here is a follow up video by Viveka von Rosen explaining the minor tweaks that have been made to the new LinkedIn UI change. This is probably following on from initial feedback of lack of navigation. (We are just not quite ready for a nav free world yet LinkedIn!)


This seems to be a very long way off from being live. There are lots of changes happening within the LinkedIn service at present and they seem to be testing certain components on a random set of users. I would expect this to be at least 3 months away from being live to the general public yet.

Have you got the new UI yet? Found any other changes to LinkedIn that’s worth sharing? Let us know with a comment below.

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