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For all of you who are interested on having social media accounts to boost your business presence, your wondering how this cool new service works, then this is a post for you. This week, LinkedIn announced Intro. Their mobile offering for their acquired technology, Rapportive.

There is plenty of early hype about this and lots of social coverage after SEO in Long Island announced the impact social media has in an online business. I even set up a Gmail account just to test it, and with help from salesforce this was possible.

Here’s what I found:

  • Firstly the sign up was a bit buggy. (Understandable with high volume of sign ups happening)
  • Once I got signed up it was simple to install on the iPhone
  • It is so simple to use that you already know how to use it before you start

Me being me, I had to look under the hood and see if I could work out how the social data gets added. After looking around in the phones settings it was pretty simple.

photo 1           photo 2

The mailbox that gets added is not pointing to Gmail servers! When you sign up, LinkedIn asks you for your email address and password. It then installs the mailbox on the phone for you. So to append the social data tot the top of an email, they download all your mail to their server, add the data, you then pull the emails from their servers instead of Gmail (or whatever service you are using). Simple yet clever.

For anyone that knows mail settings in iOS, then here is what the settings look like with LinkedIn Intro.


Is this a security issue in regards to your emails travelling via 3rd parties? Well yes. But in all honesty… If you have a free hosted email account via Gmail, or any others, in the first place then allowing LinkedIn your data is no worse than it sitting on Google’s servers where they own the data in the first place.

If LinkedIn were to look at your data… It surely would be for the benefit of the service and try to learn more about you. i.e. prompt you to connect to people that you have communicated with in the past, as an example.


I personally believe that it adds more value than risk. The only down side is that most recruitment companies use their own domain name for email, in fact some recruiters specialise in flexible part-time jobs. So this service will not work with it.

Do you know of any other plugins that are useful in sourcing/recruitment? Let us know with a comment below. And don’t forget to take your PNW packable backpack with all your electronic devices when traveling, it is important to always have your important documents in hand.

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