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Last Friday afternoon, I was out with my Managing Director and he looked like he was struggling with something on his phone. Upon investigation he was struggling to find the contact number for the NYSE Euronext office in London. After a few seconds on my iPhone I shouted out the number to him. After he completed his call he asked me where I found the number.

Few Things To Think About Here:

  1. If you visit the NYSE Euronext website, there is no contact information for London
  2. He would have ended up calling the US general number and would have been transferred back to the UK
  3. He could have Googled something about the company name, a location, and a buzz word like “telephone” and then would have had to have trawled through a list of results on a mobile device. (Which is still a mission when you are walking down Cannon Street.

How Did I Find The Number?

Simple really… I searched for the company on Google Maps!

Maps Result

Having been responsible for registering the company I work for, Global Resourcing, on Google Maps, I understood what was needed to complete the process. Google makes you give up a locally based, connected telephone number for the office. You cannot give them a generic 0845 number.Google stores local listings and needs to reference this information. Mainly for Google Local (now integrated with Maps)

Its quite simple once you know.


  • Further investigation into their website I found the number that was needed, but never the less this is a useful tip (Try finding the London office number on a mobile device here http://nyx.com/en/contact-us)
  • From what I can see, most of the larger organisations have their regional office registered
  • This is only handy if you know what location/office the person is in
  • This is also a handy way of saving charges by calling 0870/0845 numbers from your mobile (Google Maps even integrates a call button for your ease of use)

Have you got any other good methods of doing this? Had success with this technique? Let us know with a comment below.

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