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There is a worrying fact that people still, to this day, make spelling mistakes on their CVs. Even through they are written on computers where auto-correct is a basic of functions!

Little more worrying is that on LinkedIn there are over 10,000 profiles that do not have “Project Manager” spelt correctly, ANYWHERE, on their profiles.

Lets Run A LinkedIn Search

Search Image

In the top right search bar I am going to write this simple boolean search string: “Project Manger” -”Project Manager”. This search string means that I want profiles that contain the phrase “Project Manger” (notice that it is spelt wrong) AND NOT “Project Manager” (the correct spelling).

There is a mind boggling 11,449 results!

This is a pretty generic search and I am not trying to tell you that this search will get you anywhere. But just bear in mind that when you are searching for Project Managers in future to ensure that you look for either way of spelling the word Manager.


There are worryingly a lot of other job titles out there that are misspelt:

  1. Engineer is being found on LinkedIn as: Enginer OR Enginner (39,543)
  2. Assistant is being found as: Asistant (29,353)
  3. Accountant is being found as: Acountant (5,023) – Worrying that they can’t count the amount of C’s they’re writing.
  4. Analyst is being found as: Analist (71,585)

I am sure that some of these are spelt this way due to the native language of the individual and I can, in no way, speak or read all languages. But try to keep in mind that these profiles are on LinkedIn and unless you are searching for alternative ways of spelling these titles, you will have little chance of finding them!

Do you have any other examples of this? Found any other examples that are mind boggling? Let us know with a comment below.

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