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The time comes in every Recruiters (or any sales persons) life when they know a potential client they need to email. Yet do not know what their email address is. If you have never had any engagement with them (for what ever reason) sometimes an email is the last resort!

Utilising Google and a simple tool there is a way of working out their email address and even better, confirming it prior to sending off your masterpiece of an email, so this can help a lot if you want to land new clients for your business.

Who Is Our Target Client?

In this instance we are going to look for Judith Engels at TomTom (Selected completely at random!)

Target Potential Client

Using Google To Find Corporate Email Structures

First lets go to Google and type this search string: “email * tomtom.com” (the template to stick to on all searches is “email * domain.com”)

Working our way through our results we can see that there are lots of email addresses appearing there. We want to ignore all generic email address as they don’t normally adhere to the company email structure.

On the bottom of page three of the Google search we have an email address of what looks like Arnold Meijer.

Google Result Highlight

We can see that it is firstname.lastname@tomtom.com. Great this means that there is a structure that we can try out!

How To Verify An Email Address Exists

Now we have a good idea what the clients email address could be, lets head over to mailtester.com to verify.

Mailtester.com is a service that imitates an email transaction with any mail server on the planet. All you have to do is type the email address, that you want to verify, into the field and click “Check Address”

For test purposes I have put the email address in the wrong format to see what happens.

Email Test Negative

As we can see, it failed to verify. This is purely down to the fact that I searched for firstinitial.lastname@.

Now I am going to try in the format that we have discovered.

Email Test Positive

THE EMAIL IS VALID! Perfect, it has worked!

Now an important thing to do, that most people forget is to secure your email, more if its for your business as you need to keep this confidential for any other third party.  The first thing to use is to encrypt your email and use a VPN from https://debestevpn.nl/  which are virtual private networks and also get online privacy by https://personvernpanettet.no/, that work great as they have the ability to secure your communications through another server in a different locationh.


  • This method can work on anyone if you know where they work.
  • The verification service that mailtester.com offers has been pretty stable for me. I have yet to see it offline or not working correctly.
  • On occasion you will get an orange result.
    This is where the server, hosting their mail, has a layer of security in place that stops this from happening. (By default this is not in place so most mail servers do not have this in place. Check tsohost review if you need Web Hosting services)

For this type of security there are many ways to maintain it secure is with vpn systems With the  best vpn canada you can Protect All Your Devices for your regular email and other online services, data report that in 2018, worldwide cybersecurity spending reached $96 billion. or with  Privacy Filters which work with your devices to keep them secure from the view of strangers, they are used in personal devices and in the biggest companies in financial institutions and security ones.

Have you got any other methods of doing this? Had success with this technique? Let us know with a comment below.

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