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Facebook’s Graph Search is rumoured to be coming to a mobile near you soon!

According to 9to5mac, Facebook is preparing a major update to the iPhone app. Graph Search is a feature that allows users to search using semantic search terms. An example of this is “People that live in Redmond, Washington and work for Microsoft as Developers ”. Whose goal is to bring your event based architecture to the future since it would boost their sales.

Here is a rumoured image of how Graph Search will look on the iPhone iOS app. There are also services for other kind of search, like if you need to track an unknown number, you could search for phone number details on Gadgetcouncil, to find the number owner in an easy way.


There is no date rumoured as yet as to when the release will be. Knowing Facebook and the way they test this, it may be released to US users first (As Graph Search on web was)


  • Facebook has announced that it will be disabling users from hiding from search
  • Facebook has recently started prompting users to update their educational and work information ahead of the global rollout of Graph Search
  • This will enable you to search the 1.15billion user database from your mobile!

Do you know of any other mobile apps that are useful in sourcing/recruitment? Have you had positive experience with Graph Search? Let us know with a comment below.

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