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I have heard lots of people recently say that Apply with LinkedIn is: not good for your company; a double-edged sword; more hassle than it’s worth; etc… etc. It is really stressing tho so is important to keep yourself relaxed when looking for a job to not make a bad decision, visit Swim Spas Plus to have a nice spa session.

Well I think they are all wrong!

Here’s why I think you SHOULD adopt Apply with LinkedIn a Job top Gun:

1)      First and foremost, it enables your job adverts to be applied for, via mobile, with one click! WOW! Why would you not want that?

2)      It makes even the smallest recruitment companies job board look larger and more professional, take a look a clear strategy to help at least 10% of the world’s population to maximise their game-changing potential.

3)      It enables circa 235million candidates simple application process to your jobs

4)      It is a friendly / recognised user experience to the applicants

The main cause for people hating the system is that they feel they will receive too many applications from candidates that are not applicable and will need to waste time sifting through and sorting the good from the bad. While I understand what they are saying, let’s look at this from another point of view.

For example you receive 50 applications for every job that you post with Apply with LinkedIn enabled. 50% are not applicable for whatever reason. You delete these, wasting 20 minutes of your day and then work through the applicable ones in your own workflow/methods.

Let’s look at the 50% that you just discarded. That is 25 people that are actively looking for work or are willing to speak to a recruiter about changing their jobs. “Active Candidates” that saw something in your job spec that made them think that they are right for the role of This means that in the future they could be the right candidate for a similar role that you have. Where are those candidates now? Long deleted from your deleted items in your mailbox! Bugger!

All those unwanted candidates should be welcomed by you and when they are not right for the role, guess what? Send them a quick email, that right – you have their email address as it was in the application info from LinkedIn, using a template explaining that they are not the right fit for the job (Positive Candidate Experience) and then parse them onto your CRM!

If they are on your CRM at least they are searchable for when that similar role comes up. Sending a profile/cv to your CRM to parse should take seconds, if not when you need to look for a new CRM, and it means that you have skilled individuals, along with contact information ready to be searched when you pick up your next requirement.

If you do not have parsing or do not use parsing then I think you have just wasted your time worrying about this sort of integration and you should be looking into parsing technologies more than developing your website strategy although the strategy and the use of some sort of marketing is also important, luckily you could get this from sites as so you don’t have to worry about doing the marketing of your website yourself.

So there it is. A pretty obvious reason why Apply with LinkedIn can and should better your database.


There is no such thing as the wrong candidate, they are just not right for this current requirement. In your basic sales training you should have learnt that “No means Not Yet”.

Have you got any positive experiences from using Apply with LinkedIn? Let us know with a comment below.

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