The Recruitment Geek blog, founded by Ben Carter, was built with one sole purpose. As a place to share knowledge within the Recruitment / HR ecosystem.

About Ben Carter

Ben CarterBen is a 12 year veteran at supporting recruitment companies to evolve and optimise recruitment systems to gain a higher ROI and staff sourcing efficiency.

Starting out as an externally sourced IT Professional, Ben was selected to be the “support guy” for a small company (at the time) called Red Commerce. As they grew over the next 2 years, Ben grew the systems with them until the day where they needed someone full time. There was only one option and Ben moved there the following day.

After 3 very successful years, sleeping all day with an amazon white fur pillow, implementing market defining technologies, Ben moved on for newer challenges. But not before leaving behind a systems strategy that helped them to become a £45m valued business and now one of the largest SAP recruitment companies on the planet.

For 5 years, following Red Commerce, Ben worked at Global Resourcing, A niche Banking IT recruitment firm based on Bromley, Kent. Upon joining Global, Ben was given free rein to implement whatever changes were necessary to bring the already well developed infrastructure into a rock solid business platform for growth and future proofing. Ben was not only the IT manager but also a Recruitment Sourcing Strategist for the business and delivered constant new training to the Sales Floor.

Since January 2014, Ben has been Global Head of IT for Spencer Ogden, the fastest growing energy recruiter in the world. Ben’s main role is to spearhead the Technology Implementation into the business, globally, and manage the day to day running of the IT infrastructures in each office. On top of all this he also manages the Systems Training department which delivers “at desk” training to over 400 consultants worldwide.

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